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Project Details

Yau Lai Shopping Center


Hong Kong


Hong Kong Housing Authority


Energy conservation and environmental protection initiatives have always been listed on Hong Kong Government’s agenda. In the course of implementing Hong Kong public rental housing program, and in response to the growing concern of green living environment, the Hong Kong Housing Authority (the "Authority") has been upholding environmental protection and green living environment objectives through various means. One of which is adopted Hybrid Ventilation Systems to regulate natural cooling of air-conditioned retail facilities in the design.

The system constantly monitors both internal and external environments, including temperature, humidity and prevailing weather conditions by Building Management System, as well as taking local user interfaced commands into account. Different season has different design conditions. The resulting commands open and close windows around the complex minimize energy usage as well as to maximize the indoor air quality.

#Natural Ventilation
#Hybrid Ventilation
#Hot Smoke Test
#Fail-safe Actuator 

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Smoke Vent Opening

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