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Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3, 12W & 16W and 20E & 22E


Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation


Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3 is an environmentally friendly development since 2014. Emphasizing on green culture for a sustainable future, and aimed to become a “Living Laboratory” as an exceptional construction that benefits to both Research and Development (R&D) and society on green technology development. It was one of the largest exemplar “back to basic” green R&D ecosystem project in Asia that intend to connect technology talents and expand the networks of worldwide investors and business partners.


Phrase 3 were developed into part A and B, with multiple 8-9 storeies R&D office and laboratory and basement car parks. There were service tunnels and bridges between building, covering a construction floor area of 105,000 m2.; and Phase 3c consists of two R&D offices and laboratory-enabled buildings both with a basement, and an exhibition hall. Other works include the external and landscaping work and a link bridge to connect buildings.


In terms of sustainable achievement, a highly energy efficient approach, natural ventilation system, was installed and designed to all the new buildings for a better indoor air quality management. As one of the green role model, SE controls Asia Pacific has involved the use of more than 2000 window actuators.  The development of phrase 3a and 3b strictly followed the Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method, and are qualified with platinum standard. Its has also won the grand award at the international ‘green building awards’ in 2014. Along with that, the development of Phrase 3c has also met the stringent Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method with Platinum standard.  On the whole, natural ventilation can minimize environmental impact such as carbon emission and maximize energy efficiency, helping companies to save cost.

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16W Building

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