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Keeping COVID-19 out of classrooms: Open windows!

From the Health Advice to Schools on the Prevention of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from the Department of Health, HKSAR Government dated 23 Oct 2020, it mentioned the importance to maintain good indoor ventilation by opening the windows and accompanied of exhaust fans to maximize the air changes.


Also, many studies have found that open windows can reducing aerosol transmission significantly. In Physics of Fluids, researchers used computational fluid-particle dynamics (CFD) to explore aerosol transport within an air-conditioned classroom model. It discovered opening windows increases the fraction of particles that exit the system by nearly 40%, while also reducing aerosol transmission between people within.​ 




Additionally, reports reveal that it is harmful towards health if the indoor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are recorded as persistently higher than 1500ppm, as it will bring negative impact on concentration and learning performance as well.


PB Control is able to provide various type of school ventilation from lower grade class to upper grade class.

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