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Project Details

Domain Shopping Center


Hong Kong


Hong Kong Housing Authority



Innovative Adaptive Hybrid Ventilation System at the Domain Shopping Center is designed to create a greener and better environment for visitors. The development of about 23,000m2 (IFA), at the top the Yau Tong Mass Transit Railway is completed in mid 2011. It is a commercial center comprising retail areas, car‐parking spaces, a public transport interchange (PTI) and a community hall. The design concept to achieve maximum connectivity, integrated internal and external venues, 35% greening coverage for the regenerated open space, community engagement in mural art and open space design, heritage reference in architectural design to strengthen sense of identity / place.

SE Controls developed a system based on automated windows to enable heat to be extracted out from the high level windows and refill cooler air in the low level openings by stack effect.
Over 380 chain actuators (280 twin actuators) are installed and these actuators are controlled by OS2 controllers. These controllers communicate with BMS to deliver finite control to ensure thermal comfort is achieved.
The system constantly monitors both internal and external environments, including temperatures, humidity and prevailing weather conditions. A local user interface is also available for localized control if users find it necessary.
Controls strategy is pre‐configured in different seasons to optimize thermal comfort and energy consumption. Many green features are provided in this development, and one of the major deliverables is the use of Hybrid Ventilation System. This innovative application of Hybrid ventilation controls is the first in Hong Kong Shopping mall.

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Smoke Vent Opening

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